How do you know?


Emotionally ruined

After being sad for so long, you really understand how to appreciate happiness. Being younger, you never really understand how emotions work. You never understand why people are happy and still crying. You never understand anything.. Until you look back at it.


My father was never in my life, but I turned out just fine. My mom was a single mom, she deserves so much. Taking care of three crazy daughters all by herself! My mom was perfect, she have us everything we needed and almost everything we wanted. My mom never heard from my dad until I was about 10. But now I’m 15 and he moved back in with me and my mom. I don’t know how he feels like he can just pop in and out of someone’s life like that? He calls himself a father all the time. No, a “father” is a man who raises his kids. Who is there for them when they need him. He was never here, he’ll never get me recognition for a father.

My baby is gone

I’d do anything to have you back💕
Do you know what it’s like losing someone so close to you? I’ve never had to go through anything like this before. My family was falling apart, but then someone had to die before we realized how much we really do need each other. Here to say, you need your family. In the end, who’s really there for you? The people that you’ve known your whole life

You be you

Forever Maybe

cradleI always thought I’d be a mom. There was never any doubt. Though if experience is necessary for the job, I would be in jeopardy. I’m the youngest with two older sisters. Essentially I grew up with three moms. And I was mom to no one. Not to younger cousins, though I did some babysitting. Not to neighbors, friend’s siblings or even my sisters’ eventual kids. I am not a mom type, I guess. My arms don’t instantly conform to a cradle position when infants are present. I see children and have no idea how old they are. And even when I find out, I don’t remember what that means for their development or preferences in toys. I don’t understand their logic. I only have a few child pleasing tricks up my sleeve and even less patience.

I always thought I’d be a mom. It fueled my dating in my…

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